The fake case vs. Ai WeiWei, China’s most famous artist and dissident. 

The way she moves

"Bizarrely, I’ve always wanted to move," says Yvonne Ng, the stellar Asian-Canadian dancer, choreographer and artistic director who has a loyal following in Toronto’s dance theatre scene.

Spring is a time for renewal. And for camels, it’s no different. By late spring to early summer, it’s molting season for them – the time when they naturally shed their hair. Read more: Wonders of Kazakhstan

Dramaturge, playwright and director Nina Lee Aquino is in a league of her own.

A pioneering Filipino-Canadian in the Toronto theatre community, she has been a formidable force for redefining multiculturalism in the arts. Currently co-artistic director of the indie stage company, Factory Theatre, Aquino has made it a commitment to nurture future theatre artists and leaders who reflect the vibrant diversity of Toronto.


Illustrations courtesy of NESS LEE

An ambush of tiger moms herds its daughters along a straight path, asking them not to spend hard-earned loonies and toonies on cute stationery but to focus on investing in the future. And then there’s Bruce Lee — every Lee must be descended from him, right?

Who better to poke fun at Asian stereotypes and subvert representations than Ness Lee, who saw herself as the perpetual outsider among Asians in high school?  Or as she calls the experience, “life as a banana surrounded by lemons.”

Rather than oblique references to one’s cultural heritage, Lee, a Hakka-Chinese Canadian illustrator, peels away the layers to understand her culture, and her place in it. Read more

Canada plays host to a growing number of international students, with more than half (52.7 per cent in 2008) coming from Asia.

Although part of studying abroad is about developing new tastes and discovering new places that in time become old haunts, there’s comfort in bringing the familiar with you to keep those homesick blues at bay.

What stuff, we wonder, can’t students leave home without — and wouldn’t mind risking an excess baggage fee for?

Nami Suzuki, a graduate of McGill University, shares what she hauled all the way from Japan to Canada. Read more